Welcome to 0Bot!

Wtf is this!?

0Bot is a very simple, experimental bot created by onix#2362 using the discord.net framework.

Head over to the set up tab to learn how to set him up in your server!


Type .help in any of your text channels for a list of usable commands.

Is he not working like he's supposed to?

First try to make a role with all permissions and add 0Bot to that role.

If that doesn't work try to use the .hello command. If he doesn't respond then something is super wrong.

In that case contact onix#2362 on discord, and he'll try to fix it the best he can.

How to set him up

First, go here, select a server, and click the "authorize" button.

Second, go into the server you selected and create a text channel called "0bot".

Thrid, test to make sure the bot is working properly by typing ".hello" in any of your text channels.

And that's it!